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Bugeisha EP

Image of Bugeisha EP


Th final to the trilogy of EPs! Bugeisha is an EP where you can hear the 2 different sounds of Onna-Bugeisha & Onna meet. Ethereal and delicate sounds teamed with big epic drums and rhythms. Cinematic sound with pop sensibility.
This is a pop up CD case, every case has a hand folded origami heart made by ERIKA for you. Kokoro (heart in japanese), it is important that every CD has heart, each will be signed too.
Artwork by Millie Easton
Recorded tracks 1-4 with Paul Stanborough
track 5 with David Goodes
All vocals - ERIKA
piano, synth, organ - Chris Burgham & Paul Stanborough
Guitar - Paul Stanborough
Drums, Erika(5), Mark Richardson (1,), Mark Roberts (1,2)
Cello - Gaby Swallow (2,3)
All Songs written by: Erika Footman
Co-writes: David Whitmey (1,2), Mayki Ferro (2,3), Paulo Riui (4), Oliver Bailey (5)